Textbook: Critical Criminal Law (2020 ed)

By James Grant

Grant holds a PhD in Criminal Law. He taught criminal law for 14 years at the University of the Witwatersrand and is a leader in the field. His PhD thesis was adapted and published as a book by Juta and Co, SA: The Responsible Mind in South African Criminal Law. Grant is also the author of two of the chapters in the leading text on Criminal Procedure in South Africa: The Commentary on the Criminal Procedure Act.
He is now a practicing Advocate since 2015 and served two terms in 2019 as an Acting Judge in the High Court, Gauteng Local Division. He brings his practical experience to enliven the theory of criminal law.
Grant extracts and collates the principles that can sometimes be complex, in a way that allows for a clear understanding of the current law. This text will show that, to a very large extent, South African Criminal Law maps onto most ordinary intuitions about what is fair and just. Where it is not, Grant explains how this may be understood and the extent to which it may be reconciled with defensible principles. This analysis is crucial for understanding criminal law in SA, but what follows – where Grant subjects the law to a critical analysis – is what sets this work apart and makes it a necessary tool for anyone who wants to practice or to properly understand what criminal law is in South Africa and what it should be.
This text is live and will continue to be added to an updated. As it stands it covers all general principles with the exception of a chapter on attempt liability.

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Critical Criminal Law RS Book 3

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