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Government has published the regulations governing conduct under level 4. Notably, the period of the “lockdown” remains what it was – as amended: 26 March – 30 April: ‘lockdown’ means the period between 23H59 on 26 March 2020, until 23H59 on 30 April 2020, Definitions section – Reg 480 of 29 April 2020 The significance […]

In what follows I include a single collated and updated document of all major regulations governing the lock down – guided by what will affect virtually everyone. The document is up to includes all regulations published on the government website or which I could otherwise trace.

Extended: Comment: This might hurt …

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There seems to be two issues for consideration that a slightly different perspective might encourage some necessary critical thinking. Firstly, for what it’s worth – and having tracked the exponential growth in goods and services which came to be regarded as “essential” seemed to reveal that government, however much praise it is due – and […]

The authority to impose restrictions during a disaster may be found in section 27 of the Disaster Management Act 57 of 2002. For ease of reference, I include a copy of section 27 below: A point on the rule of law requires mentioning. It deserves to be said that regulations based on section 27 (as […]