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It is critical to observe that the Zondo commission of inquiry into allegations of state capture is designed to unearth the truth. But truth alone – as we are learning – is not enough. Some of us want justice. I am with them. Whoever stole the rainbow needs to give it back and be punished. Here I […]

It is necessary to note that the legal position relating to arrest is unaffected by COVID-19 regulations. The Disaster Management Act does not suspend or restrict any right in the Constitution – all of which has been given expression to under the Criminal Procedure Act (51 of 1977 – the “CPA”) as interpreted by our Courts. This could be different if a state of emergency was or is declared (see section 37 of the Constitution). But no state of emergency has been declared – so that ordinary rights and laws regarding arrests prevail.

Private Food Aid

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Government has published the regulations governing conduct under level 4. Notably, the period of the “lockdown” remains what it was – as amended: 26 March – 30 April: ‘lockdown’ means the period between 23H59 on 26 March 2020, until 23H59 on 30 April 2020, Definitions section – Reg 480 of 29 April 2020 The significance […]

Extended: Comment: This might hurt …

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There seems to be two issues for consideration that a slightly different perspective might encourage some necessary critical thinking. Firstly, for what it’s worth – and having tracked the exponential growth in goods and services which came to be regarded as “essential” seemed to reveal that government, however much praise it is due – and […]

The authority to impose restrictions during a disaster may be found in section 27 of the Disaster Management Act 57 of 2002. For ease of reference, I include a copy of section 27 below: A point on the rule of law requires mentioning. It deserves to be said that regulations based on section 27 (as […]

Zuma Docket – cases and materials

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[UNDER CONSTRUCTION: More to follow] This is an attempt to pull together the cases and materials regarding the prosecution of President Zuma on 783 charges of fraud: The judgment in respect of which Mr Zuma has applied for leave to appeal to the SCA – to be heard today (14 Sept 2017): DA v ZUMA […]

PhD Thesis: Responsible Mind

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Section 4 of the Protection of Information Act 84 of 1982: [office src=”″ width=”650″ height=”800″]

Private defence for fathers and mothers

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There is something about the nature of private defence that is perhaps necessary for us, as fathers and mothers to be reminded of – given the current state of lawlessness and this risks our children face.  Private defence is available when “public defence” is unavailable. This follows quite straightforwardly form the underlying basis for private […]